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Valley Oaks Inn Woodland offers close proximity to the following airports:

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport Woodland is home to a number of lush trees and plants, which help make the airport environment more pleasant. The airport's landscape team takes care to plant diverse trees and shrubs that can grow in a variety of soil types and climates. Altogether, the airport boasts over 1,500 plants, including 400 fruit trees.

The airport's landscape team relies on a number of methods to maintain the natural beauty of Woodland. They use ground covers such as creeping jenny and blueberrybush to keep the ground covered in winter, and they aerially apply a product called TreeGard to help prevent weeds from growing. In addition, the team harvests select plants for replanting and removes any invasive species that may be present.

The Sacramento International Airport Woodland is an important part of the airport's overall design; it helps make visiting Sacramento an enjoyable experience.

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