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Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Culture: Events and Festivals in Woodland, CA

By Isla Coventry, Posted on 27 May, 2020 at 07:51 am

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Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Culture: Events and Festivals in Woodland, CA


Woodland, CA, is a city with a rich cultural heritage that comes alive through its vibrant events and festivals. In this blog post, we invite you to immerse yourself in the dynamic culture of Woodland. Discover a diverse array of events that celebrate art, music, local traditions, and more.

Art Walk and Art Farm

Woodland's thriving art scene is showcased through various events that highlight local artists and their creations:

  • Art Walk: Join the monthly Art Walk and explore the artistic talent of Woodland. Stroll through downtown and visit participating galleries, shops, and restaurants that showcase a variety of artworks.
  • Art Farm: Held annually, Art Farm is a unique event that combines art, music, and farm-to-fork dining. Enjoy live performances, interact with local artists, and savor delicious food sourced from nearby farms.

Music in the Park and Summer Concert Series

Woodland's love for music is celebrated through outdoor concerts and events that bring the community together:

  • Music in the Park: Grab a blanket, bring a picnic, and enjoy an evening of live music in Woodland's parks. This family-friendly event features local bands and offers a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.
  • Summer Concert Series: Experience the Summer Concert Series, which showcases a diverse lineup of musical genres. From rock and blues to jazz and country, these concerts provide memorable evenings under the stars.

Woodland Tomato Festival and County Fair

Woodland takes pride in its agricultural heritage and celebrates it through lively festivals:

  • Woodland Tomato Festival: Join the annual Woodland Tomato Festival, a vibrant celebration of the region's agricultural bounty. Enjoy tomato-themed dishes, cooking demonstrations, live entertainment, and a lively farmers market.
  • Yolo County Fair: Experience the excitement of the Yolo County Fair, a cherished tradition that showcases the county's agricultural heritage and offers thrilling rides, live entertainment, livestock exhibitions, and mouthwatering fair food.


Woodland, CA, pulsates with vibrant culture and hosts a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year. From art walks to music concerts, and from tomato-themed celebrations to agricultural fairs, there's always something happening in Woodland. Immerse yourself in the city's lively atmosphere, celebrate its traditions, and create lasting memories during your visit to Woodland.

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