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Escape and Explore: Road Trips from Woodland, CA

By Alex Dormer, Posted on 25 May, 2020 at 07:46 am

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Escape and Explore: Road Trips from Woodland, CA


Woodland, CA, serves as a perfect starting point for exciting road trips to explore the beauty beyond the city. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some captivating destinations that are just a short drive away. Pack your bags, hit the open road, and get ready to escape and explore.

Lake Tahoe: A Mountain Oasis

Approximately a two-hour drive from Woodland lies the breathtaking Lake Tahoe. Known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain scenery, Lake Tahoe offers a plethora of outdoor activities and picturesque views:

  • Emerald Bay State Park: Take a scenic hike along the Rubicon Trail and witness the majestic beauty of Emerald Bay. Marvel at the turquoise waters and the iconic Fannette Island.
  • Squaw Valley: If you're visiting during winter, hit the slopes at Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports amidst the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains.
  • Heavenly Mountain Resort: Experience the thrill of riding the Heavenly Gondola and take in panoramic views of Lake Tahoe from above. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or simply relax and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

Exploring Gold Country

Head east from Woodland and venture into the historic Gold Country, where the California Gold Rush began. Discover charming towns and relive the spirit of the Wild West:

  • Grass Valley: Step back in time in this picturesque town, known for its well-preserved Victorian architecture. Explore the historic downtown area, visit the Empire Mine State Historic Park, and attend the annual Cornish Christmas celebration.
  • Nevada City: Wander through the tree-lined streets of Nevada City and soak up its rich history. Browse unique boutiques, art galleries, and enjoy the vibrant cultural scene that this charming town offers.
  • Columbia State Historic Park: Experience life during the Gold Rush era in this living museum. Take a stagecoach ride, pan for gold, and explore the authentic shops and buildings of this preserved gold mining town.

Napa Valley: A Wine Lover's Paradise

For wine enthusiasts, a road trip to Napa Valley is a must. Located within a two-hour drive from Woodland, Napa Valley offers world-renowned wineries, stunning vineyard landscapes, and culinary delights:

  • Wineries and Vineyards: Indulge in wine tasting experiences at renowned wineries such as Domaine Carneros, Robert Mondavi Winery, and Beringer Vineyards. Enjoy the beautiful vineyard views while savoring exquisite wines.
  • Yountville: Discover the culinary delights of Yountville, often referred to as the culinary capital of Napa Valley. Enjoy a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant or explore the charming boutiques and art galleries.
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides: Soar above the vineyards and take in the breathtaking views of Napa Valley during a hot air balloon ride. Experience a sunrise flight and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Woodland, CA, serves as a gateway to incredible road trip adventures. Whether you choose to explore the natural wonders of Lake Tahoe, immerse yourself in the history of Gold Country, or indulge in the wine and culinary delights of Napa Valley, an unforgettable journey awaits you beyond the city limits. Embark on a road trip and create lasting memories on the open road.

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